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Posted by blah on 07/29/08
The bl.AH at AH 2008 attracted enough people for 2 groups on Wednesday.

The participants collected a number of topics.

Topic & Supporter
User Participation / Rosta
Evaluating User-Generated Content / Nava
Individual Optimum vs. Group Optimum Adaptation / Stephan
Commercial Invasion of Net / Jeppe
Learner Motivation / Judith
Whom to Target for UM09 / Tony

The participants selected the topics user participation and learner motivation.

The documentation of the group discussing user participation was presented from a flipchart list of keywords (picture 1, picture 2). The group decided to make use of the good weather and that in the gazebo.

The group discussing learner motivation went on a walk and managed to come back with this power point documentation (ppt @ slideshare) of their results.

The overall feedback was positive and there is great interest to participate in the bl.AH again at the next conference in 2009.

Many potential participant were not sure what to expect and did not join us for that reason. This should be less of a problem next time.

Time - there seems to be wide agreement that with the number of conference participants bl.AH can run parallel to one traditional track, but not parallel to two tracks. The time frame of 3 hours seems suitable, but some people, including ourselves would find it interesting to do a full day bl.AH session with a more specific topic. One suggestion for this is to discuss a topic beforehand. I set up a group on facebook if there is interest for that - look out for bl.AH.

From our perspective it was a good and enjoyable experience worth the time required to prepare it.

Sabine Moebs & Stephan Weibelzahl

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