Adaptive Hypermedia 2008
About AH2008 
About Adaptive Hypermedia 2008

The Adaptive Hypermedia conferences are the major forums for the scientific exchange and presentation of research on adaptive hypermedia and adaptive Web-based systems. This year's fifth edition of the conference will be organized by the L3S Research Center in the city of Hannover, Germany.

AH2008 is the fifth edition of a very successful series of Conferences on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based series. Earlier conferences took place in:

We invite submissions in the fields of Adaptive Hypermedia systems and techniques, Web personalization, adaptive information filtering and retrieval, intelligent tutoring systems, semantic Web, applications of adaptive hypermedia and empirical studies of AH and Web systems.
Adaptive Hypermedia 2008
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Eelco Herder (L3S Research Center, Hannover, Germany)