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Travel Info

Map of Germany indicating location of HannoverHannover is easily reachable by plane. There are regular flights between major European cities and Hannover Airport. In addition, Hannover is the centre of the German Railway system, with good and fast connections in all directions.

Hannover has several direct flights from major locations within Europe. Further, Hannover is served from major German airports, which ensures an easy, pain-free trip to the conference location.

From the Airport to the City Center

The city centre is easily reachable from the airport. Every half an hour there is a train from the airport to the city centre: travel time is about 25 minutes, tickets cost 2,10 euros. In addition, taxis are waiting in front of the airport.

Hannover Airport Website, with information on flight schedules, parking, local transport and taxi services.

Train Connections within Germany and Europe

From Hannover you can easily get to popular destinations in Germany and Europe. Plan your trips with the excellent online planner of the Deutsche Bahn.

Within Hannover

Local travel information is available at a separate page. For orientation, explore our interactive Google Map, with the main locations indicated on the map.
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